Past Life Regression & Therapy


These sessions are 60 – 90 mins to start with and depending on what develops within those sessions you may want to explore more.


Each session is £65

This type of Hynosis may help with many aspects of the life you live today. This is a technique of taking a person back, using hypnosis to memories of a previous lifetimes. This is a very personal journey, and you may want to see me out of curiosity, or for more specific reasons like looking for soul partners. It may also bring out situations and events that give substance, clarity and understanding as to why you may have fears, phobias and other characteristics in this life. This is where the healing therapy can come in. There are many events that can trigger your desire to look further into Past Life Regression like a visit to a specific place or country that you are drawn or feel very attached to. De ja Vu and even your dreams. Have you ever met anyone in this life and just know you have met them before…?

I had always been interested in trying past life regression therapy and a friend recommended Samantha. I was a bit nervous about what to expect but Samantha explained how it works and put me at ease. I felt safe throughout the experience and found out some very interesting things about a previous life. I will definitely be doing it again and am interested to explore more lifetimes


I had never had any kind of hypnosis before, but had always had a particular interest in Past Life regression as I have a strong sense of my previous lives and wanted to know more.

I was recommended to Sam and nervously booked an appointment. I was immediately put at ease when I met Sam as she explained in great detail what would happen, before, during and after our session.

The Session was amazingly relaxing and I gained a huge insight to my previous lives and have come away with plenty of information to now research and find out more.  I feel very grateful to Sam for helping me in my journey and I can’t wait to explore more.

After the session I couldn’t believe how refreshed I felt.. like I’d had the best sleep ever !

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Sam to anyone


Hi Samantha. 

Just wanted to say thankyou for the brilliant past life regression session I had today. 

You made me feel really relaxed and comfortable, making sure that I had everything I needed to feel secure.

You are genuine, kind and interested in what I was looking to gain from the session. You put me at ease, instantly. 

The session moved at a smooth pace and I never felt rushed or nervous. You gave me the time to adjust my breathing and physical positions, so that I could deepen into the past. 

Your voice was slow and soft and easy to listen to. I really did appreciate that you’d read my information form, noticing that my safe place was a beautiful garden. 

I felt safe enough, without embarrassment to show my emotions when the session became intense with past memories and feelings. Whilst knowing that I was still in control and could withdraw if I wanted to. 

Thankyou for letting me feel those emotions too. It showed me, through strong memories, what I’m still holding on to and what I can let go. 

I have investigated the life a little since the session and the name I gave you was Mary and this usually got changed to Molly. 

There were many validations for me throughout the session. 

Thankyou Samantha, for guiding me throughout the whole thing. You are truly a beautiful, caring soul who is giving an amazing gift to help people with their internal questions. 

I look forward to seeing you again soon and I will be letting my friends and family know about what a wonderful hypnotherapist, past life regression therapist you are. 

With love, 

Rae. X X X

P.S I thought the subtle music/sounds were really helpful and added to the way I concentrated and relaxed


Out of curiosity I recently visited Sam for a Past Life Regression session.  This turned into a fascinating afternoon where I learnt so much about my previous lives and how this reflects on my life today.

Further research on dates and places etc proved just as interesting.


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