Motivation for Change

Awaken, Revive, Refresh



Hypnosis is a state of concentrated relaxation where I can talk to the subconscious part of the mind. Imagine being lost in a great book, or an intriguing movie… sometimes you just go into a “Zone” and don’t realise. It’s not unlike meditation where you are in complete control all of the time. It can help people to re focus on many areas of life, reach goals or ease the anxiety of fears and phobias

Past Life Regression and Therapy

This is also a form of Hypnosis. Past Life Regression is  aimed at looking to take your subconscious mind back in your present life.. to childhood and if so requested beyond to Past Lives you may have had… Past Life Therapy can help by healing past lives worries that you may have brought with you into this life. Fears Phobias or something more                        

Reiki and Chakra Balancing

A healing technique that is thousands of years old… A transference of energy to activate the body’s natural healing process and align the Chakras to help you feel more balanced



Ask yourself this...

  • Do you feel out of balance and cant put your finger on it?

  • Are you anxious over anything?

  • Do you feel you don’t invest in YOURSELF anymore?

  • Is there something holding you back for being the best version of YOU?

  • Do you ever wonder if, how you are as an adult is something to do with your past?

  • Do you feel yourself always procrastinating?

  • Do you really have the motivation to change?

Menu to feed your soul

Hypnosis for Change

Smoking Cessation, Gastric Band, Confidence, Weight Management, Fears, Phobias  the list is endless just ask me…

Regression Therapy

Regression to Childhood, Regression further back, find the root cause and heal

Reiki and Chakra Balancing

Help restore internal balance, Feel Relaxed and Refreshed, Release Tension

"I had never had a Reiki session before but had been looking into getting it done for a while. As I had worked with Samantha having readings done it made sense to do this with her as well. I was a little apprehensive to start , being new to the process , but Samantha made me feel completely at ease. She discussed it with me in depth, what the process would be like and how It may make me feel during and after. It was an amazing and enjoyable experience something that I feel has been helpful in my healing. I loved the session and am now booked to have regular monthly sessions. Anyone who is apprehensive about taking part in a session I would highly recommend it and couldn’t be happier with the results. Samantha has been an amazing help and a huge support. I feel very grateful that I have been given the opportunity to be able to work with Samantha on my healing journey. "

S.H from Essex

"I was recommended a hypnosis session with Samantha by a friend following some long-standing self-confidence and anxiety related problems I’d had. The session went incredibly well and I felt so incredibly relaxed afterwards. I was given the tools to deal with both my self-confidence and anxiety and was very hopeful that I’d now have the coping mechanisms I was previously missing. Since the hypnosis session I have utilised the techniques Samantha taught me and I can only report positive feedback. I’ve had the self-confidence to push myself forwards in events and my anxiety has also been more controlled prior and during events. It was most definitely a success and I’ve already recommended Samantha to a number of friends!"

M.H 2019 Anxiety and Confidence

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